Only This: Creating Happiness and Success Through Jiu Jitsu

There is only this,
doing small things
with great love —
the task at hand —
a world in a
grain of sand.
Ripples Zenyo Jiu Jitsu
Zenyo Jiu Jitsu

(* inspired by the words of Francis Bacon, Mother Teresa and William Blake)

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Zenyo Jiu Jitsu Baltimore Training

The Most Important Concept in Jiu Jitsu

The most important concept — in Jiu Jitsu and in life — is to believe in yourself. To believe that you can do what you want to do, to believe that you are capable and learn well, and to believe that you can improve quickly and be successful. Staying optimistic and believing that your work will pay off is the surest path to success.

Zenyo Jiu Jitsu Baltimore What To Expect At First Jiu Jitsu Class

Zenyo Jiu Jitsu: What To Expect For Your First Class

Your first Jiu Jitsu class can be intimidating. At Zenyo Jiu Jitsu, we want to erase any concerns you might have. We are focused on an environment where everyone can do their best. We want you to feel that Jiu Jitsu can really be for you.

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