Get Ready

Thank you for signing up at Zenyo Jiu Jitsu. We’re excited to work with you. At Zenyo, we put the learning and doing in Jiu Jitsu back together in our revolutionary approach to developing creative, individualized Jiu Jitsu. We work in a framework that will have you training real Jiu Jitsu in your first class. We can’t wait to show you how much fun it is and how quickly you will progress. See you on the mats!

Where We Start

You are made to do this. You are made to do awesome things. They are not the exception, they are the rule, if a space is created for them to happen.This is what we are creating at Zenyo: A space for you to be awesome. 

The Jiu Jitsu we practice at Zenyo is based on innovation, not imitation.

Zenyo’s ecological approach to training challenges you to be innovative and creative. We do this by designing situations for athletes to solve problems rather than being told what to do by the instructor.

We are part of the movement, guided by modern sports science research, against the separation of technique, skill and training.

We are rebelling against established ideas like “fundamentals first,” “practice makes perfect” and “muscle memory.”

Muscle memory isn’t a thing. More than 100 years ago, renowned Soviet neurophysiologist Nikolai Bernstein debunked this idea

We look forward to introducing you to this exciting way to train.