Get Ready

Thank you for signing up at Zenyo Jiu Jitsu. We’re excited to work with you. At Zenyo, we put the learning and doing in Jiu Jitsu back together in our revolutionary approach to developing creative, individualized Jiu Jitsu. We work in a framework that will have you training real Jiu Jitsu in your first class. We can’t wait to show you how much fun it is and how quickly you will progress. See you on the mats!

Where We Start

At Zenyo, we take a different approach to Jiu Jitsu training. We use the best ideas from continuously developing learning research to guide our practice. What you get is a fun, fast-paced class that brings out the best in each individual.

Zenyo means best use. It starts the moment you walk in. We connect at the start of class with a fist bump, to say you are always welcome. We protect our partners always. Nothing is more important. We respect the tap. No matter what. We connect; we protect, we respect. This is our Zenyo. 

Zenyo’s approach to training creates an environment where you are able to practice Jiu Jitsu from the first moment you step on the mat.

We do this by scaling the effort and intensity of training, while keeping it active and realistic. You will get lots of work, but with a partner helping you to find success.

We look forward to introducing you to this exciting way to train.