strong and gentle

Zenyo Jiu Jitsu is dedicated to helping families guide their children in being strong and gentle.

Zenyo uses play as a primary method in Jiu Jitsu training. The science on play is clear: “Research on rough-and-tumble play in animals and humans has shown that it is necessary for the development and maintenance of social awareness, cooperation, fairness and altruism,” writes Dr. Stuart Brown in his book Play: How It Shapes The Brain, Opens The Imagination and Invigorates The Soul.

Play, in the form of Jiu Jitsu, has incredible benefits. Through play, children are able to progress at their own level and pace as they build the toughness necessary for Jiu Jitsu. Play is fun but also a catalyst for the kind of intrinsic motivation that leads to long-term success. 

This is why Zenyo, in our teaching of Jiu Jitsu, is committed to play as a key method for kids in becoming healthier, stronger, and more confident.

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” — Ann Landers

Goals For Students


Independence is our main goal at Zenyo. We strive to teach children to do things for themselves.


Responsibility helps the kids learn they have the ability to make positive changes and progress. 


Confidence is the belief that with practice success is possible. All kids have the potential to be great. 

Guidelines For Parents

– Please help make the training room a great learning space.
– Clapping and quiet cheering for all students are encouraged.
– Learning the skills of jiu jitsu, and how to behave in class, is a long-term process. Please be patient. 
– The guidelines for classes begin from the time you enter the training room, until the time you leave. 
– Please refrain from assisting, coaching or correcting your child before, during or after class. This includes noises and gestures. We want your child to be totally focused on the mat environment. 
– Please keep conversation to a minimum level. Please refrain from conversation during line-ups. Please take cell phone calls out of the training room. 
– Except for emergencies, wait to address the instructor before or after class.

Zenyo Online

Zenyo means the “best use of physical and mental energy.” 
Zenyo Online extends the lessons critical for success beyond the mats. 
Go online to learn about the training program.