Zenyo Jiu Jitsu Process

Zenyo Process: Creating Big Dividends From Small Wins

After teaching class at Zenyo Jiu Jitsu, I usually write down some notes. In the last three years, I have filled up several notebooks full of ideas about Jiu Jitsu. The notebooks are an archive of my thoughts at the time. I almost never go back and look at them. On the rare times that I do, I find the notes I used to write confusing and complicated. They lack focus and organization. 

They are from the days before I learned about the process. Now, everything I do I think of in terms of process. The process is focusing on the small steps that make the big steps possible. Everything gets broken down into smaller and smaller steps: too small to fail is the idea. The small steps are everything. 

I’ve included some samples of my notes and what they looked like before the process, above and right. Then my hand-written notes outlining the process, below. 

Too small to fail

The process has changed my life more than anything I’ve learned. Everything in life can be broken down into process. Understanding the process can give  you a way to improve every aspect of your life through practice. 

Everything I do now, I start with process. Process is the path to success. Moment by moment, you can win the process. Creating these small wins pays big dividends. 

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