Rules For Training

At Zenyo, we create an environment for the best of Jiu Jitsu. The most important rule of Jiu Jitsu is to keep our partners safe and make sure no one gets hurt. Everyone is expected to train in a way that fosters a safe, friendly training room at all times.


— Any and all motions that put the neck and spine under pressure are prohibited. 

— Cranking or twisting of the neck and spine are prohibited.

— All actions must be done in a controlled and progressive way to maintain safety at all times and to allow time for tapping.

— No action must be extended past a reasonable range, even if your partner does not tap.

— Restrain your body and motion to prevent any uncontrolled crashing.

— Jumping onto your partner in any way, at any time, is prohibited.

— Falling into your partner to create a takedown or to control positions is prohibited.

— Slamming, spiking and stacking are prohibited.

— Standing chokes are prohibited. 

— Smothers are prohibited.