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Zenyo means best. At Zenyo Jiu Jitsu, we take a scientific approach to Jiu Jitsu for faster learning. We offer classes in Jiu Jitsu for kids and adults.

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We are all different. So why train the same? At Zenyo, we are part of a revolution, guided by modern sports science, to advance skill training backed by research.Our training is dynamic, purposeful and designed to maximize student growth regardless of fitness level or prior experience. Zenyo is a community of strong, dedicated and caring athletes working together to bring out the best in each other. Join us to learn how to develop creative, individualized Jiu Jitsu. Read more about our different approach. 

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My 6-year old son and I both train at Zenyo Jiu Jitsu and have benefited immeasurably from our training. My son is noticeably more confident, coordinated and able to stay focused after a year of training. Because of the warm and friendly atmosphere at Zenyo, I have developed great friendships with my training partners.
Kritis Dasgupta
Kritis Dasgupta
This has been my home for Jiu Jitsu for some time now. There are a lot of choices in the Baltimore area, but this is one of the best if not the best that I've been to around the country. The classes are good sized with a wide range of training partners. Give this school a shot, you won't regret it.
Terrence Battlehunt
Terrence Battlehunt
Very happy to have found Zenyo. This is the most positive spirited academy I've ever trained with, since I began in 2005. John is an insightful coach and a natural leader. His approach to instruction is a very welcome change to the typical "BJJ" instruction I've experienced in the past.
Dave Diaz
David Diaz

“Top tier! Zenyo is in a class of its own.”

— Fabian Medina