Zenyo’s Advanced Program focuses on applying excellent mechanics to your techniques. The program develops excellence in alignment, stability, movement, and coordination. 

Zenyo means “best use.” Zenyo is good mechanics. Good mechanics is good alignment. Good alignment is good power. All these elements transform what seem like basic techniques into advanced versions that are simple but unstoppable. That is advanced skill. 

“It’s not about how much you do, but about how much love you put into what you do that counts.” 



Contrast Thinking

“My research shows that merely dreaming about the future makes people less likely to realize their dreams and wishes…Another way to visualize our future exists, a more complex approach that emerges out of work I’ve done in the scientific study of human motivation.” Rethinking Positive Thinking


Building Together

“Whether we realize it or not, the culture in which we live, and with which we identify, powerfully shapes just about every aspect of our being… At its core, a culture is defined by the shared norms and values of a group of people.” Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance 


Back Fitness

“There are those who claim that their sport is flexion movement‐based and they must train flexion movement – such as jiu‐jitsu athletes. But again I have consulted with several top jiu‐jitsu players. They were not able to train because of the back pain they induced over time training flexion movement cycles. With no pain‐free capacity to train they were finished. We changed the training from a flexion movement to a flexion moment approach, thus regaining pain‐free spine flexion ability but saving the spine flexion for the ring and octagon. Their capacity to train was restored. Again some careers were salvaged and indeed flourished.” Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance

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Becoming Great

“That means that anybody can become a top performer — you don’t have to work crazy hours, be a genius, or be unusually lucky. You can become much better over time at working smart. Get started with small steps and keep at it, and someday you can win that gold medal in your line of work — and have a great life, too.” Great At Work 



Zenyo Jiu Jitsu Technique

Osoto Gari

Osoto Gari starts with standard lapel and sleeve Judo grips. Step back with your left leg, then drive your right leg across and through to take the balance of your partner. Make sure to push and pull with your arms. 


Zenyo Jiu Jitsu Technique


To have a good armbar, you need to slide high with your knee near your partner’s head, before leaning toward the lower body, so you can swing the second leg over the head. Pull your feet into the shoulder for extra control. 


Zenyo Jiu Jitsu Technique

Elevator Sweep

The elevator sweep is accomplished by hipping out to slide one butterfly hook under your partner’s knee. Hip back in to keep your hips close and underneath the center of gravity. Trap both arms with overhook grips to secure the sweeping position. 



Zenyo Jiu Jitsu Technique

Sit Up

The sit up escape requires a strong frame against the chest of your partner. Make sure to keep your arm rigid and not let it bend when you start to sit up. Post the hand on the ground to help you scoot back and recover your guard. 


Folding Pass


The folding pass pins your partner’s knee together to block them from using their leg efficiently. Step to the middle of the guard, cross into the knee line and sprawl to fold the legs. Use your hand to grip the top leg and prevent your partner from catching a hook as you backstep off to side control. 

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