find your way

Your training at Zenyo is based on a revolutionary approach that eschews the traditional “learning process” that focuses on isolated technical skills used to create “muscle memory.” More than 100 years ago, renowned Soviet neurophysiologist Nikolai Bernstein debunked this idea in his work. 

Our training is based around self-organization — the ability to spontaneously adapt to the movements, tasks, or goals demanded in any particular situation. When you train in a manner that prioritizes self-organization, you are able bring out your own remarkable ability and let it shine. 

There is no right way. There is no perfect way. There are many ways. There are no basic or fundamental techniques that everyone has to know in Jiu Jitsu. Each person is different. There are techniques that work and make sense for you as an individual. Everyone is different and practices Jiu Jitsu in their own unique and different way. 

By taking the time to find your way, you will find that you can build any skill you choose.


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