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Jiu Jitsu is all about moving your body. Understanding how to create the best conditions for movement is vital to developing your Jiu Jitsu. And one skill above all others is critical—learning to move while maintaining a neutral spine. A neutral spine protects you from injury and creates a stable base for Jiu Jitsu’s athletic movements. Every aspect of your Jiu Jitsu improves when you learn to maintain a neutral spine. Your takedowns get better; your passing is quicker and more balanced; your base is stronger; everything you do is better. 

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.” 

— St. Francis De Sales

Back Fitness

Jiu Jitsu requires a lot of you physically. Zenyo uses the McGill Method to keep athletes strong and healthy. “There are those who claim that their sport is flexion movement‐based and they must train flexion movement – such as jiu‐jitsu athletes. But again I have consulted with several top jiu‐jitsu players. They were not able to train because of the back pain they induced over time training flexion movement cycles. With no pain‐free capacity to train they were finished. We changed the training from a flexion movement to a flexion moment approach, thus regaining pain‐free spine flexion ability but saving the spine flexion for the ring and octagon. Their capacity to train was restored. Again some careers were salvaged and indeed flourished.” Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance

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