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At Zenyo, we select one overall objective for our Jiu Jitsu — how to hold with four limbs.

We have four primary tasks related to this objective: hold the back, hold the arm, hold the shoulder, and hold the leg (see photos below). To accomplish these tasks, all four limbs must be coordinated together and by doing so, we achieve the major actions of Jiu Jitsu.

Once you understand this framework, you can focus your energy on doing only two things: coordinating how to hold, or working to undo a hold.

Instead of practicing a fixed set of movements to hold (or escape a hold), our partners are resistant and continuously moving as they “help” us coordinate our limbs and accomplish our objective.

This strategy for learning is derived from the theory of “ecological dynamics”, a major pillar behind everything we do at Zenyo.

“If you fight, you might not always win. But if you don’t fight, you will always lose.” 

One Objective, Four Tasks

Jiu Jitsu At Zenyo Baltimore

On the arm: Sarah, in position, holding the arm with Terrence. From here, Sarah is able to hyperextend the elbow.

Jiu Jitsu At Zenyo Baltimore

On the back: Mike in place holding the back with Andy. From here, Mike is able to apply a choke.

Jiu Jitsu At Zenyo Baltimore

On the shoulder (triangle): Aine holding the shoulder with Brooks. From here, Aine is able to apply a choke, or hyperextend the elbow.

On the leg: Aliana holding the leg with Isa. From here, Aliana is able to hyperextend the ankle.

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