Jiu Jitsu Revolution At Zenyo

Putting Together A Jiu Jitsu Revolution

Get it together.

We’ve all heard this expression. 

What does it mean? What was apart in the first place? 

We’ve all experienced instruction where learning and doing are separate. Much of traditional instruction, Jiu Jitsu included, is like this. When the instruction doesn’t work, we are told to “get it together.”

At Zenyo, we put the learning and doing in Jiu Jitsu back together. In its own way, it is revolutionary. 

Webster’s dictionary defines “revolution” as “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.” I believe what we are doing with Jiu Jitsu at Zenyo counts as a revolution. 

We are part of the movement, guided by modern sports science research, against the separation of technique, skill and training.

We are rebelling against established ideas like “fundamentals first,” “practice makes perfect” and “muscle memory.”

Muscle memory isn’t a thing. More than 100 years ago, renowned Soviet neurophysiologist Nikolai Bernstein debunked this idea.

Jiu Jitsu Revolution In Baltimore

"You hinder your ability to see, move, think, plan and improvise by training in unrealistic ways. Learning grows through the practice of putting together."

Research shows that you don’t develop skill when you break things apart into chunks and practice in isolation through mindless repetition. Unfortunately, much sports training is this way. Instructors pull apart bits and pieces and have you “drill” them until you don’t “need” to think anymore about what to do.

Learning doesn’t grow in this environment. Skill is dependent on context and interaction. You hinder your ability to see, move, think, plan and improvise by training in such unrealistic ways. Instead, learning grows through the practice of putting together.

That’s what we do at Zenyo. Our training is not separate, but together. 

From your first class, you are paired with a partner and work in a live, unscripted way. The science of training shows this is the best way to develop functional, adaptable, creative skill. (If this sounds like “just do it” — or that you will be fed to the wolves — that couldn’t be further from the truth. You will be paired with a partner whose purpose is to help guide you. Read more about our training: Jiu Jitsu Training With A Difference

The results of putting learning and doing back together produce amazing results and lead to lasting change. 

Join us at Zenyo to experience our Jiu Jitsu revolution.

All About The Revolutionary Training Method We Use At Zenyo​

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